Auto-Electrician Technology

Division Of Syllabus For Auto Electrician Technology Trade

S.NO Topics Duration
1 Practice Health & Safety – familiarize, select, use, Safety precautions and first aid. Care and maintenance maintain & store tools, equipments, consumables & of tools. clothing safely
2 Identify different tools & equipments
3 Identify different electrical parts of a vehicle
4 Make joints on simple strapped conductors, sieving or taping with insulation tape, Measure conductor using wire gauge
5 Practice Soldering on wire joints
6 Solder and crimp of lugs with wire ends
7 Measure voltage drop, total resistance, current flow in different line by connecting two or three resistors in parallel and series using a battery, bulb / motor / resistors reconcile ohm’s law
8 Check blowing of fuse with wires short-circulated.
9 Identify various electrical equipments on the mock up wiring board i.e. starter motor, dynamo control box etc.,Follow up starting system wiring, Identify marking on terminal joints, Remove and repeat connections. Do Similar practice on charging system wiring.
10 Checking of circuit breakers and relays
11 Construct simple circuit by using relay
12 Test / check alternator output voltage, circuit voltage drop, and trouble shooting in a charging system.
13 Dismantling alternators and components tests diodes,rotor condition, rotor winding insulation & rotor condition
14 Trace starter circuit in a vehicle Dismantle starter and check each components, Repair the faults, assemble and check starter motor
15 Check spark plugs, HT leads, ignition coil and condenser
16 Test the batteries with Hydrometer and cell tester, prepare electrolyte (follow safety rules), top up battery with distilled water, Connect batteries for charging
17 Construct a simple electronic circuits using electronic trainer kit (to study the components functions). Assemble and study rectifier circuits and power supplies – measure outputs
18 Construct simple logic circuits using digital trainer kit
19 Check ignition coil of E-DIS (Electronic distributor less Ignition system)
20 Check sensors & actuators using engine scanner / DMM
21 Check the different modes/ strategies of Electronic Control Assembly, Reset keep alive memory/ ECA Check different wiring / circuits and rectify the defect