Syllabus of Remedial course for Automobile Technology
Duration of this course: 5 months
Number of subjects: 04

Duration Mathematics Eng. Drawing English Basic Physics
1st Month 1.Introductions to Numbers
2. Learning Tables
3. Introduction and Practice to BODMAS Rule
1.Introduction to Geomentrical
2. 1D, 2D Shapes
3. 5 diagrams of Garage Tools (Free hand sketching)Drawing
1.Reading and Writing practice with Punctuatuions
2. Vocabulary- Min 200 words
1.Basic Physics Introduction
2.Measurements of Mass, Weight and time
2nd Month 1.How to simplify the Problems
2.Multiplying & Dividing Rules
3.Fraction: LCM, All Properties
4.SI number form
1.Angle, Triangle all Properties
2.Measuring angles
3.Circles and its Properties
4.5 diagrams of Workshop tools(Free hand sketching)
1.Simple sentence conversation Practies
2.Parts of speech
3. Vocabulary- Min 200 words
3rd Month 1.Mixed fraction, Decimals
2.Ratio and Proportion
3.Percentage and their convertions
1.Polygon, solids(3D)
2. Free hand sketching
3.5 diagrams of Workshop tools (Free hand sketching)
1.Verb forms
2.Simple sentence
3.Vocabulary- Min 500 words
4. Technical terms
2. Problems based on density
3. Motion and its kinds
4th Month 1.Standard forms of large numbers
2.Mensuration: Unit of measurments(Area, Volume, Perimeter & Circumference etc)
3.Powers and Roots
1.Drawing Bolts and Nuts, Rivets and various joints
2.Projection: Simple , 1st angle, 3rd angle projection
1.Convertion english to urdu
2.Convertion urdu to english
3.Letter writing practice
4.Vocabulary- Min 500 words
5.Technical english
1.Heat, Light, Sound
2.Laws of Motion(Newton’s)
4.Electricity in detail
5th Month 1.Basic Algebra & Equations
1.Blue Print reading and Circuit diagrams
2.Problems based on 1D, 2D, 3D
3.Problems based on Projection
1.Essay writing practice
2.Vocabulary- Min 700 words
3.Dictionary usage practice
1.Chemistry2. Metallargy: Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
3.Properties of metals.
4.Heat Treatment of metals
Note:-For auto-electrician batch an additional subject of deeniyat will be added in the curriculam.