Welcome To IHOPE

International Haven Of Practical Education was formed as a non-profit organization in NY with the main objective of providing employable training and skills to under-educated minority youth living under poverty in Hyderabad, India.


Encourage the socio-economic development in the under-privileged minority   communities by means of vocational education.


Provide career focused technical education in specialized areas of study leading to diploma.

Core Values:

Foster the universally accepted values that all people are born equal and should have equal opportunity for personal and professional growth & skills and knowledge to reach their full potential.

Social Development:

  • 1) To promote social welfare activities with special emphasis on youth empowerment.
  • 2) To eliminate child labor, youth abuse, focusing on education and technology and resettlement of deprived minority youth.
  • 3) To strive against discrimination and harassment based on gender, Caste, class and religion.
  • 4) To strive against corruption and make students aware of their legal and consumer rights.